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Thank you for volunteering to be a BABL coach.

 As we prepare for our season, we would like to remind

you of a few items:


1. The league uses a better quality basketball. The

Wilson Jet Evolution is a leather indoor basketball.

We intend to use these balls for several seasons and

will collect the basketballs at the end of each

season. DO NOT dribble the basketballs outside.


2. At CBS, the 1st practice starts at 6:30 p.m. There

is an after-school program that is over at 6:00 p.m.

Please tell your players not to arrive at CBS before

6:20 p.m.


3. During practice, the only players that are allowed

in the gym are those scheduled to practice. Please

have one of your parents keep an eye on the lobby,

hallways and stage areas.


4. The Bordentown Regional School District & CDA

has hired a security guard to help monitor the gyms

during BABL practices/games. The cost of the

security guard is $5,000 and is being paid for by

BABL. We ask that the coaches cooperate with the

security guard and make the gyms as safe as





Adapted from Coaches Code of Ethics of the

National Youth Sports Coaches Association


As a coach in the Bordentown Area Basketball

League, I pledge to:


Place the emotional and physical well-being of my

players ahead of any personal desire to win


Remember to treat each player as an individual,

remembering the large spread of emotional and

physical development in children of the same age



Do my very best to provide a safe play situation for

my players;


Do my very best to organize practices that are fun

and challenging for all my players;


Lead, by example, in demonstrating fair play and

sportsmanship to all players and coaches in the



Ensure that I am knowledgeable in the rules of the

sport that I coach, and that I will teach these rules

to my players;


Use those coaching techniques that are appropriate

for each of the skills that I teach; and,


Remember that I am a youth coach, and that the

game is for children and not adults.



Bordentown Area Basketball League

Coaches Responsibilities and Conduct


As a Coach in the Bordentown Area Basketball

League, I understand that my responsibilities and

standards of conduct include:


1. Ensuring that my team and I arrive on time and

are prepared to play.


2. Running regularly scheduled practices at which

the development of skills and knowledge of the

game are stressed.


3. Arranging for a knowledgeable parent, relative or

friend to keep the score book or run the clock for my



4. Abiding by the Bordentown Area Basketball

League Constitution, Standing Rules and Coaches

Code of Ethics.


5. Controlling my temper and setting a proper

example for my team and the spectators.


6. Refraining from using profanity or abusive



7. Contesting rules or decisions only when players

are not present and then only in a non

argumentative manner.


8. Refraining from belittling any player or other

team, running up scores when playing teams less

skilled than mine or indulging in any

unsportsmanlike conduct.


9. Recognizing that inappropriate behavior on my

part may result in disciplinary action by the League,

even to the point of removal from my position as




The official or league representative may eject any

coach from the vicinity of the gym for the remainder

of the game if they feel the coach´┐Ż¿½s behavior is

inappropriate. The game will not resume until the

coach complies with the ejection. If the official or

league representative decides to abandon or

terminate the game because a coach fails to leave

the immediate vicinity after being ejected, the

league or facility representative will decide the

outcome of the game. The official shall verbally

inform the head coach of the ejection and all

implications that may apply. Any coach ejected by

the official or facility representative will be

suspended for one or more subsequent games,

subject to review by the Basketball League Sub-

Committee. In all cases where a coach is ejected,

the division director and/or President will speak with

the coach about the situation. The Division Director 

and/ or President can disciple the coach.

2 Technical Fouls/1 Ejection - Warning, meeting with

Division Director or President

3 Technical Fouls - One Game Suspension.

4 or More Technical Fouls - Face to Face with Board

of Directors. Not allowed to coach until Meeting